• Background
  • Current Environment
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    Task Order Title

    Include a short title of services and/or a general description of items to be acquired.   This title should be unique and descriptive, and should be used consistently throughout the task order process.
    1. Project Summary

    Provide a description of the business and technical objectives without including the specific requirements.
    1. Background

      1. Purpose

    Provide one or a few sentences to specify, at a high level, what this SOW is to address / achieve. Include the service model(s) that applies (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, or a mix).
      1. Assumptions

    Specify any assumptions here. Input “N/A” if not applicable.
      1. Current Environment

    Provide a brief, high-level description of your organization’s current environment and a diagram, if available. Examples of current environment factors are listed below:

    • Servers and / or Virtual Instances for:

      • Applications

      • Databases

      • Web Hosting

      • Load Balancing

      • Redundancy, Mirroring and High Availability

      • Production, Development and Test Environments

    • Storage Systems

    • Networks

      • Wide-Area Network Details and Sizing

      • System Interfaces and Network Boundaries

      • Number of Users

      • Transactional Traffic, such as Web Transactions, Database Transactions or Application Transactions

      • Network Security, such as Firewalls, Secure File Transfer or VPN

    • Server Operating Systems

      • System Administration

      • Version

    • Databases

    • Middleware

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