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  • Nichd protocol for Android Beta Version 3

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    NICHD Protocol for Android

    Beta Version 1.3
    The most well-known and widely studied interviewer training system is the freely available NICHD Protocol. It has been developed with reference to child development issues, including linguistic capabilities, memory, and suggestibility, forensic needs, interviewer behavior, and the effects of stress and trauma by a team of researchers, interviewers, police officers, and legal professionals. (see Lamb, M.E., Hershkowitz, I., Orbach, Y., & Esplin, P.W. (2008). Tell me what happened: Structured investigative interviews of child victims and witnesses. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.)

    This is the BETA version of the NICHD Protocol designed for use on large Smart Phones and Tablets.

    The electronic version is brought to you by David La Rooy, Fiona Gabbert, and Ian Ferguson with the support of the Scottish Institute for Policing Research (SIPR).

    Please send feedback about this Beta version to david@larooy.net

    Installation Notes

    A tablet or large smart phone running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later required.

    This beta version is supplied in an .apk installation file which can be installed on Android devices. Please transfer the installation file to your Android device.

    To install this beta version, you will need to enable the installation of apps from sources other than the Play store. To do this, go into Android settings -> Security -> Tick “Unknown sources” -> Press OK. You may turn off this setting after installing the Beta application.

    Navigate to where you have saved the .apk installation file and open it on your Android device. Click Install when prompted, this will install the app to your device.

    The App can be launched through selecting NICHD Protocol from your application list.

    Application Interface

    Main Interface

    Menu Button: Display menu for navigating different sections of the NICHD protocol.

    Current Section: Displays section that the currently displayed text belongs to.

    Navigation Buttons: Navigate back and forward in the current conversation history.

    Current Page Index: An index of the text that is currently displayed.

    Page Text: Main text of the page. Formatting of the text indicates different queues.

    • Bold text is conversation prompts.

    • [Text within brackets] are prompting for conversation suitable for the interview.

    • [Italic text within brackets] are reminders/notes.

    Conversation Options: Conversation options will appear as buttons at the bottom of the text. The buttons will display different options based on the response of the interviewee.


    The menu can be called by pressing the menu icon at the top-left of the screen. This menu can be navigated by swiping up and down on the menu bar. The current section is highlighted in Bold. Tapping a section will navigate you to the first page of that section.
    Download 49.4 Kb.

    Download 49.4 Kb.

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    Nichd protocol for Android Beta Version 3

    Download 49.4 Kb.