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  • Objective: Staff Engineer, Principal Systems Architect, Principal Engineer, Team Lead

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    Silicon Valley & SF Bay Area homepage: http://railsbling.com

    (765) 760-2012 email: peter.boling@gmail.com

    Objective: Staff Engineer, Principal Systems Architect, Principal Engineer, Team LeadExperienced system architect, team leader, mentor, rubyist, and full stack web application programmer since 2004; sometime linux system administrator.
    Author and maintainer of many popular open source libraries.
    I excel at data analysis, task automation, testing, style guides, best practices, API design, benchmarking, and Domain Driven Design.
    Led major PHP to Rails conversions @ aSmallWorld and BibleGateway.
    Created solutions for finance, social networking, government, information technology, B2B, fashion, gaming, publishing, and e-commerce sectors.
    Dedicated to moving science forward and improving the condition of life generally by automation and process improvement.


    App: Ruby, Rails, Webpacker, Rack, JSONapi, HTML, SCSS, Slim

    Database: PostgreSQL, Dynamo, Neo4j, ES, Mongo, Redis, MySQL, Oracle, Memcached

    Servers: Puma, nginx, unicorn, passenger, mongrel, lighttpd, mod_ruby

    System: Bash, monitoring, scheduling, backup, security, debian packaging
    Management & Tech Leadership Experience

    At Invoice2go, Team Lead, over 6 developers, and 1 QA Engineer; Managed Automation team, 2 people, from 2016 - 2017.
    As CTO, I managed a team consisting of designers, frontend, and backend engineers, 5 people; my own startup, Acquaintable from 2012 - 2013.
    At BloombergBlack, I was the first employee and Lead Engineer, over a team of 15 rails engineers; personal wealth management startup from 2010 to 2012.
    Managed team of 5 fresh-out-of-college programmers at a Rails consultancy where I was Partner; Sagebit, from 2008-2009.
    Most recent projects

    Principal Systems Architect

    Stack - Rails 4.2, Ruby 2.0=>2.3, RSpec, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, S3, ES, Mongo, Redis, Memcached, Resque, DigitalOcean, Heroku, DataDog, Cloudwatch, NewRelic, Salesforce, Jira, Bitbucket, Ubuntu

    Intricately May 2016 - Present


    • Created time-series data collection & analytics; Generates events to track change on internet

    • Scaling systems and creating devops tools to better utilize infrastructure

    • Advanced math to transform non-scalar data from AWS Alexa into a scalar digest

    • Monitor, log, benchmark, and automate the internet monitoring robots

    • Build data pipelines for enterprise customers exposing the internet sliced in different ways

    Principal Systems Architect

    Stack - Rails 4.2=>5.2, Ruby 2.3=>2.5, RSpec, PostgreSQL, Jira, Ubuntu, OPC DA integrations.

    Bolt Threads Sep 2017 - May 2018


    • Maintenance of a legacy, custom, in-house built, Lab Information Management System. Engineers responsible for the creation of the system had moved on. Upgrades to Rails and Ruby, and many 3rd party libraries.

    • Analysis of potential replacement third party LIMS systems.

    • Interviewed candidates for new Software Engineering leadership team (VP, Director, Sys Admins)

    • Integration of Windows-based OPC DA services with the LIMS system with new data sampling mechanisms

    • Created library to translate garment designs to instrumentation for a Stoll industrial knitting machine

    • Primary JIRA administrator for all company projects

    • Participated in Leadership Fundamentals training

    Principal Engineer

    Automation Team Lead

    Web Team Lead

    Stack - Rails 4.2, Ruby 2.3, RSpec, AngularJS 1.4, PostgreSQL, S3, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq, CircleCI, Jenkins, Github Enterprise, ZenDesk, NewRelic

    Invoice2Go Jan 2016 - Feb 2017


    • Lead the web team in development of the new web app at https://web.invoice.2go.com/

    • Laid the groundwork for new service architecture, implementation and continuous integration

    • Designing JIRA process, workflows and screens, and integration with ZenDesk

    • Designing and implementing git branching strategy and supporting toolchain

    • Implementing sandboxed dev env and tiered deployed environments

    • Design and implement feature flags allowing synchronized feature release across clients

    • Engineering Leadership role in Jakarta office

    Senior Engineer

    Stack - Rails 3.2, Ruby 2.0=>2.1, RSpec, React, EmberCLI, Haml, Slim, SASS, PostgreSQL, S3, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq, TravisCI, Github, Salesforce, NewRelic, Heroku

    Trumaker & Co Apr 2014 - Mar 2016


    • Rebuilding architecture of entire tech stack

    • Extracting front-end parts to ember-cli and react thin clients

    • Building structured, authenticated, performant APIs, utilizing versioning and caching

    • Modernizing versions of Ruby, Rails, and many critical gems

    • Implementing backend to support launches of new product lines (blazers, ties, belts, pants, sweaters, tees, etc), fulfillment processes, factories, and shipping methods

    • Designed and created a fully spec’d 12-state Lead CRM tool

    • Integrated Salesforce with internal Lead CRM via my celluloid-io-pg-listener gem

    • Built a commissioned sales attribution framework that supports point-in-time history

    • Fixed the factory pattern and rewrote the spec suite, adding thousands of additional tests

    • Setup new deployed environments, created Thor deployment tool for automation of the many deployment related sub-tasks

    Senior Staff Architect, Services

    Stack - Ruby 1.8=>2.1, CGI, FastCGI, Mail gem, RSpec, Oracle 11g, rbenv, bash, daemons, RedHat linux

    Church Pension Group Aug 2013 – Oct 2014

    http://cpg.org (among others)

    • Forensic analysis of 5 year old ruby service layer

    • Upgrade from Ruby 1.8.7 to 2.0, then 2.1

    • Created ruby service APIs to support many varied clients, & regression test suite

    • Implement account lock and token expiry security measures & automated enforcement

    • Upgrade daemon infrastructure and trading systems, improve software stack / `make` system

    • 10x performance enhancement of internal services: former 20 req/s is now at least 200 req/s when the bottleneck changes to external resources.

    Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

    Stack - Rails 3.2, JRuby 1.7, Ruby 1.9=>2.0, RSpec, RequireJS, BackboneJS, Foundation, Slim, SASS, Neo4j, PostgreSQL, S3, Redis, Memcached, Sidekiq, Unicorn, Puma, TravisCI, Github, Librato Metrics, NewRelic, Heroku

    Acquaintable.com – Socially curated dating through FoF Jun 2012 – Aug 2013

    Acquired by LikeBright, now Reveal (Microsoft Ventures backed)

    • Built the entire site & made all tech decisions

    • Advised on all product and design decisions

    • Created matching engine with Neo4j + PostgreSQL data analysis algorithms

    • Mobile first, responsive design, with intuitive, touch-enabled mobile interface

    • Designed to provide an immediate experience to each new user

    • One page app design, in preparation for iPhone app

    • UX tool-chain: backbone-marionette, handlebars, RequireJS, slim, SASS, foundation

    • Ruby upgrade 1.9.3 to 2.0.0

    • Accepted into Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator Winter 2013 class (ERA - NYC)

    • Fully automated and self-correcting, no intervention required for 4 months.

    • Successful exit via acquisition!

    Senior Rubyist & Lead Developer

    Stack - Rails 2.3, 3.0, 3.1 & 3.2, Ruby 1.8=>1.9, Grape, RSpec, RequireJS, Foundation, Slim, SASS, SOAP, Unicorn, Puma, Memcached, TeamCity, Git

    Bloomberg Black – now dissolved Aug 2010 – Nov 2012

    • 1st Employee, and lead developer of Bloomberg Black, a personal wealth management startup

    • I built internal gems:

      • VCR extensions: improved automated management / recording of soap interactions allows for isolated development, recorded sessions reduce dependency on service tier

      • Javascript: flyout menus, internally tabbed ajax pages, scrollspy, breadcrumbs

      • Spec suite with thousands of tests to enforce style guide, validate ruby namespace against collisions

    • SOAP services interface, generators for SOAP models and test fixtures; created version dependency resolution between Ruby layer and Java services

    • Rack middleware for fast custom logging => Splunk, 10ms per request improvement

    • Designed project structure: ajax widgets built out of reusable RequireJS modules, cells for componentized features, presenters for single instance variable, and logic free views

    • Spec infrastructure: created custom rspec matchers, acceptance tests, JS unit tests

    • CMS presentation code for the dynamic content on the site with all content available via static route or ajax widgets

    • Built the CMS backend for the content entry in the 100% javascript Rapid IDE

    • Manage the Rails infrastructure: gem dependencies & upgrades, ruby upgrades -v1.8.7 through 1.9.3, rails upgrades - v2.3 through v3.2.6

    • Maintained platform interoperability – Windows & RedHat & MacOS

    Team Lead, Senior Engineer

    Stack - Rails 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, Makandra Rails LTS, Ruby 1.8=>2.2, RSpec, Haml, CSS, MySQL, Memcached, Mongrel, Unicorn, TravisCI, Github, Redmine, NewRelic

    Timeperks.com – Order meals online from favorite local restaurants Sep 2008 – Aug 2014

    • Mentored junior developers, and reviewed code

    • Built some of the more complex parts of the system, e.g. CX ghosting/masquerade tool

    • Created data reporting features, utilizes my csv_pirate gem.

    • Did all original, three-way, marketplace payment integration with Amazon FPS, and became maintainer of remit gem

    Partner & Lead Developer (Ruby on Rails)

    Stack - Rails 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, Ruby 1.8=>1.9, RSpec, Erb, Haml, CSS, jQuery, MySQL, Mongrel, Unicorn, Memcached, Github, Redmine, Debian, Ubuntu

    Sagebit, LLC - now dissolved Jun 2007 – Dec 2011

    • Developed a Ruby on Rails based media storage and retrieval engine

    • Development, testing, deployment, and refactoring internal projects, including:

      • CartaBuzz – Find things to do near you (many third party APIs)

      • MonkeyStub – Get tickets to events fast (many third party APIs)

      • YetiMail – Snopes for Chain Letters / Spam / Phishing (web scraping; a fuzzy phrase analysis engine; AI)

    • Trained 5 new hires in Ruby, Rails, REST, and stateless programming

    • Likewise with all Rails-based client projects, including: social networks, nonprofits, data warehousing, and commercial sites

    • Biggest contract was with aSmallWorld, http://asmallworld.com:

      • Lead team of 10 developers converting old PHP site to Rails

      • Assisted sys-admins with setup and design of new load balanced 32 server production stack

      • Wrote forums, photo sharing, friend network presentation engine

      • Designed polymorphic basis for CMS in the new site

      • Moved millions of rows of data from the legacy tables to new rails friendly table designs and data models, and optimized SQL queries, and code structure for negligible downtime during PHP -> Rails migration

      • Optimized to handle 2MM uniques per month, and 300K page views per day

      • Designed and implemented page and user tracking

      • Built advertising minisite engine for Estee Lauder and Mercedes-Mclaren campaigns

    Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

    Stack - Rails 2.3, Ruby 1.9, RSpec, Memcached, EPub

    Zondervan (Harper-Collins) Dec 2009 – Jul 2010


    • Developed Google-inspired search engine for POC build of BibleGateway.com

      • http://github.com/pboling/awesome_search

    • Created dynamic tools used to import hundreds of publications into the system:

      • improve quality of data, metadata, and data linkages

      • incrementally index publications with Solr / Sunspot

    • Implemented advanced exception handling and reporting

    • Developed parser to transform raw text into HTML decorated with footnotes and many publishing formatting requirements

    Founder & System Architect

    Stack: Rails 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, Ruby 1.8=>1.9, MySQL, Memcached, Redis, Redmine, DelayedJob, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Debian, Ubuntu, Bash

    9thBit, LLC (Rails Consulting) Mar 2007 – Jul 2010

    • Built a full-featured web application for a credit union (unable to disclose name)

      • Integrations with several payment gateways and money transfer services

      • Clients could transfer money from other institutions

      • Clients could make online withdrawals to other institutions

      • Advanced fraud detection and different levels of account locking

      • Built admin backend systems for credit union staff to use

      • Interest calculation

      • Nightly audits and reconciliation on accounts

      • Document upload system

      • Account statements, and ledgers

      • Notification system and support system, with knowledge base

      • All devops work, security hardening, server provisioning, backups, etc

      • System I created handled over $10 Million in deposits

      • Many thousands of accounts and users supported

    • Built a letter writing, printing, and mailing service (unable to disclose name)

      • Allows people to contact government officials, local, state, and national

      • Geolocates users to determine the correct legislators

      • Internet service, but real world result as a physical letter is delivered

    Senior Developer, System Admin, Ruby on Rails

    Stack - Rails 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3, Ruby 1.8=>1.9, RSpec, Memcached

    Neighborino, LLC Aug 2008 – Aug 2010

    http://www.neighborino.com/ & http://demo.neighborino.com/

    • Photo sharing features, form handling, messaging, advertising services, calendaring.

    • Created a mailer daemon system to fix timeouts on the website when sending emails.

    Systems Analyst / Developer (Ruby on Rails, XSL, C#, Shell)

    Stack - Rails 1.1 & 1.2, Ruby 1.8, Oracle 8i, 9i & 10g, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Redhat Linux, Windows IIS, XML, XSLT, Google Search Appliance

    Legislative Services Agency (LSA) Apr 2006 – June 2007


    • Developed search features for and deployed new Indiana Register website running on Tomcat, Cocoon, and Google Mini appliance

    • Created Indiana General Assembly's internal call center application running the House, Senate, and LSA call centers.

      • Setup Windows Server 2003 RoR staging & production environments with mongrel_cluster & Oracle 10g backend and IIS6 frontend

      • AJAX address based lookup of senate and house districts for constituents, with issue tracking, and daily summary email to legislators

    Ruby on Rails Developer & Partner

    Stack: Rails 0.14, 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2, Ruby 1.8, Nginx, Mongrel Cluster, Lighttpd, MySQL, Memcached, Redmine, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, Debian, Ubuntu, Bash

    PanEther, LLC (Rails Consulting) Dec 2005 – Mar 2007

    • Built a fantasy football website for a client

    • Built a credit union web application, and administrative tools, for a client

    • Built a government advocacy web application for a client

    Linux System Administrator & Developer (Rails, PHP, Java, Perl, Scheme, Shell)

    Stack: Rails 0.10, 0.11, 0.12, 0.13, 0.14, 1.0 & 1.1, Ruby 1.8, Mongrel, MySQL, Memcached, Bugzilla, Bash

    Optivel, Inc Dec 2004 – April 2006

    • Primary developer on first-ever enterprise-grade, Rails-based, ticketing system

    • Built a time tracking app in Rails for an IT consulting agency

    • Built AirBnB for planes in PhP

    • Managed a Debian apt repository mirror

    • Built and maintained internal debian packages handling configuration synchronization, key rotation, and automated backups.

    Open source activism - Millions of RubyGem downloads since 2009

    http://github.com/pboling – find my RubyGems, NPM & Bash libs, and jQuery plugins here

    http://rubygems.org/profiles/pboling https://masterbranch.com/pboling

    http://github-awards.com/users/search?login=pboling https://coderwall.com/pboling

    Some gems I hack on
    oauth2A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol: Maintainer since Dec 2017

    debug_logging – Unobtrusive debug logging for Ruby without the litter: Author, Mar 2017

    dynamoid – AWS DynamoDB ORM for Ruby: Maintainer since May 2016

    celluloid-io-pg-listener – pub/sub for PostgreSQL and act on payload: Author Oct 2015

    flag_shih_tzu – Bitfields for ActiveRecord: Maintainer since Nov 2012

    sanitize_email Tools for testing email; Safety belt for using production data: Author Oct 2008

    And many more... http://rubygems.org/profiles/pboling
    Humanitarian volunteer work

    Since 2013 I have been helping refugees from Ivory Coast and Liberian civil wars re-establish themselves. Initially I rent apartments for refugees, purchase land, build cinder block homes, help them repatriate, find gainful employment, and farm on the land I give them. Refugees who cannot repatriate I help relocate to permanent new lives through UN programs. November 2015 my efforts became a registered Liberian NGO called Hope For Tomorrow. Thus far I have helped many hundreds of refugees.
    Co-founder of the WordTree Foundation, http://blog.wordtree.org. Working on algorithms to enable scientific textual analysis (e.g. n-gram) of literary works to shed light on provenance, and external influence, especially for works written prior to the modern age, which will shed light on how human thought has evolved. All code is open source: http://github.com/wordtreefoundation
    I contribute on an ongoing basis to the following charities:

    United Way Africa Heartwood Project Hope For Tomorrow

    Children International Kiva.org Heifer International
    Other Technical Experience

    Tier II Analyst & Mac Expert

    Bell Industries, Tech.logix Group Apr 2003 – Dec 2004
    PC Technician, IT Support, Internships @ Dec 2002 – Apr 2003

    Legislative Services Agency (LSA) Dec 1998 – May 1999

    Human Language Fluency

    English (native) Spanish (fluent) Portuguese (fluent)

    Indonesian (conversational)

    Dean’s Honor List for College of Sciences and Humanities, Ball State University,

    Spring ’98 and Spring ’99 (Computer Science)

    Indiana Core 40 Honors Diploma, Muncie Central High School

    Ball State University, CS*, Science & Humanities, Muncie, IN 1997 – 1999, 3.6 GPA

    Purdue University, MIS*, Science & Eng. Tech., Lafayette, IN 2002 – 2004 3.2 GPA

    Ball State University, CS*, Science & Humanities, Muncie, IN 2004 – 2005, 3.4 GPA

    Purdue University, CIT*, Engineering Technology, Indpls, IN 2005 – 2007 3.3 GPA

    * Worked full-time, no debt, through college; flat-top roofer, sys-admin, web developer. I am eight classes short of a degree, and I have no intention of completing it.
    I am a certified, licensed, barista (coffee) in Australia; SITHFAB005 and SITXFSA001.
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    Download 109.42 Kb.

    Bosh sahifa

        Bosh sahifa

    Objective: Staff Engineer, Principal Systems Architect, Principal Engineer, Team Lead

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