Windows 95 drivers readme. TXT IOMEGA DRIVES AND windows 95

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(Source Iomega FaxBack document #: 2049 9/8/95

Windows 95 has 2 modes of operation Real(MSDOS) Mode and Protected Mode.

Real (MSDOS) Mode - Real mode operation is Windows 95 MSDOS

compatibility mode. This is the slower of the two modes. This mode is

used when devices are configured with MSDOS device drivers and

Protected Mode drivers are not available.

Protected Mode - Protect mode operation is the fastest mode of

operation under Windows 95, it is also the preferred mode of operation.

This mode uses built in 32-bit drivers, sometimes called Mini-Port drivers,

to support devices including: Hard Drive Controllers, Video Controllers,

SCSI Controllers, etc..

Any device that does not have built in support, or the manufacturer does not

supply protected mode drivers can use the Real Mode (current MSDOS) drivers.

Iomega has protected mode drivers available for the PC2, PC1600, PC1616,

PC800, PPA-3, and the Zip Zoom SCSI adapters.

Iomega Products and Protected Mode Operation

Windows 95 will support Iomega drives in protected mode if there is a protected

mode driver for the SCSI adapter. Windows 95 has built in protected mode

drivers for 3 Iomega SCSI adapters. The PC1600, the Zip Zoom SCSI

accelerator, and the PC2. Windows 95 will load the protect mode drivers

automatically if these adapters are installed previous to Windows 95. If the

protect mode drivers do not load automatically you will have to install and

configure these drivers manually. To add a supported SCSI adapter use the

Add New Hardware program in the Control Panel and follow the instructions later

in this document. The drives should work attached to any SCSI adapter that has

a built in protected mode driver.

If you use the protect mode drivers with Iomega drives, you will not be able to

run the DOS/Windows versions of Zip Tools or Iomega utilities. A Windows 95

version of the Iomega Tools is required (See Windows 95 Upgrade Kit below).

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Windows 95 drivers readme. TXT IOMEGA DRIVES AND windows 95

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