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  • Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting

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    YPT Boston Chapter Board Meeting

    CTPS, 10 Park Plaza, Suite 2015, March 10, 2015

    March 10, 6:00PM – 7:30 PM

    Meeting Minutes
    Board Members Present: David Baumgartner, Sam Piper, Jennifer Slesinger, Tegin Teich Bennett, Mike Tremblay. David Moyer and Jared Fijalkowski joined by phone.

    Others Present: Alex Smith and Natalie Raffol

    1. Call to Order – Tegin Teich Bennett

    1. Deputy Chair’s Report– Tegin Teich Bennett

        1. Federal taxes have been filed

        2. There is no update on Chapter coordination meetings from the International Chapter.

    1. Treasurer’s Report– David Baumgartner

        1. David presented the monthly finance report. The membership check from International and two sponsorship checks are expected soon. Tegin asked whether we expect the costs for the Distinguished Speaker event to be in the same range as what is on the budget and David confirmed the estimate is up-to-date.

    1. Old Business-Matt Moran

      1. Tegin reported Matt’s updates, received by email.

        1. The annual report was sent to the addresses that we had.

        2. The thank you letter for the Green Links lunch and learn was sent.

    1. New Business

      1. Admin Items – Matt Moran

        1. Green links lunch and learn memberships have been sent

        2. emergency center tour. This will be rescheduled for later in the year, and when it does, we will need to send a thank you to the people. No immediate action

        3. Annual Report mailing receipts to David B. Matt is going to send David receipts for the stamps

        4. Annual Report – Mailed to All Sponsors and Most Speakers

      1. Membership Update - Sam Piper

        1. Sam talked about how the use of electronic sign in sheet was successful as the Doug Most Lunch and learn

        2. It was decided that we will do electronic sign in for all future events

        3. The process for electronic sing in is below:

          1. David M to export registrant list to Sam P. If Sam cannot attend, someone else will be designated the list recipient

          2. Registration desk is set up outside the event

          3. Two YPT Board Members Staff the Desk

          4. The two people should have a laptop, square devices, and pen and paper in case lots of people come in at once and the person with the computer needs help

          5. One person uses a laptop to check people into the event. If the person has not registered, record their name and email.

          6. The other person at the table will run square charges and assist with recording unregistered guests if a lot of people show up at the same time.

          7. Send the registration sheet to Sam after the event

        4. Jen is going to find out if we can export registrant membership status so that we can have this on hand when we sign people in

        5. Sam went through statistics of registrants and who showed up.

          1. Doug Most L&L Stats

          2. Number Registered: 32

          3. # Reg Attended: 17

          4. Unregistered 2

          5. Total Attendees 19

          6. % Registered Attend 53%

          7. % Unregistered 11%

        6. Discussion ensued about the 53% registration attendance rate

          1. Do people get reminder emails in advance of the event.?

            1. Only for the technical tours do we remind people

            2. For all the other events, people only get an email confirmation when they register

          2. All agreed it would be good to find out if there are trends about the number of people attending. The statistics highlighted above will be track for future events.

        7. We all agreed that we should send a reminder email to the zipcar attendees

          1. David going to send email reminder tomorrow morning

        8. Square memberships – Sam didn’t realize that for cash square payments we owe national $5 per membership. Sam will determine how much we owe international and report this stat at the next board meeting.

        9. David B asked Sam to print out a list of members with their company?

          1. Mike can take this and see if they can get sponsors

          2. We take this list and encourage people to attend the meeting

          3. Export participants and their company by the end of the week

          4. Sam to export list to David B

      1. Sponsorship Update – Mike Tremblay

        1. Expected contributions from PB and Cambridge Systematics

          1. PB = $1500

          2. Cambridge Systematics = $500

        2. Although these contributions have been confirmed, we do not yet have checks in hand

        3. If we do not get the check by then we will remove their sponsorship materials from our event stuff and from the email signature until we get the check

        4. Bowling Event – Give David the banners and other stuff

        5. Alex is helping us get contacts with VHB. Likely going to get a nice contribution from them

      1. Programming Update– David Moyer

        1. Zip Car lunch and learn is tomorrow, Tues March 10th

          1. David B will get squares for the event

          2. David B will staff registration table with a laptop

          3. Sam will send him the Doug Most excel sheet so that he can copy the format

          4. David M will send David B list of registrants to use for sign ins

        2. Bowling Event

          1. Things we need to bring to the event:

          2. Pizza, Napkins and Plates

          3. Natalie is going to get an Uber to get the pizzas to the event

        3. Legion L&L will be occurring March 24th

        4. Transportation Camp Happy Hour

          1. We need to find a venue to hold the happy hour

          2. Requirements for the venue:

            1. Section of room

            2. 70-80 people

            3. Starting at 5pm

            4. no fee

            5. paying for apps and there would be cash bar

          3. Sam is going to contact flattop Johnys

          4. Natalie is going to contact other bars in Kendall

        5. YPT International April 11th – What is our involvement in the event?

          1. See if they want to put some money towards it

        6. South Station lunch and learn – no date set yet

          1. We need to make room reservations if a room is no longer available. Sarah can help us if we need to get into the room

      1. Communications Update- Jennifer Slesinger

        1. Communications

          1. Next email to include:

            1. Bowling, Legion L&L, Transportation Camp and Jeff Speck Event

        2. Jen has made updated to the website

        3. Board Photos:

          1. We decided to do individual head shots for the board. We need to upload photos of the board.

          2. Jen emailed cara to change the email address

        4. Website sub-committee – we are meeting next Monday.

          1. Website survey to gauge how people use it – how do we do the survey. Reminder emails and announcement emails. People see what is coming up next and don’t read the rest.

        5. March 24th Event IS Happening – Pedestrian Modeling Software. Legion.

        6. Jen is going to tweak the event notification email format a bit. She is going to put bullets at the top of the email to help people identify what events are upcoming. We think people don’t read much past the top of the emails.

        7. For bowling event – The liquor store across the street isn’t the best one. Let people know this in advance

      1. At Large Updates – Jared Fijalkowski

        1. Jared working on tracking of the speakers. Jared will be starting to pull this information together

        2. Trying to determine how to plan for board members once they move on. How do we encourage people to be part of the board?

        3. Every member is invited to our board meetings – but people don’t usually come. Having more members comes to board meetings is good because it helps explain what each of the positions are.

        4. Idea #1: Before the summer – we have a special email to people who have attended an event in the last couple months asking them to join board meeting

          1. June makes the most sense – this is closer to when elections occur.

          2. Closer to the elections makes sense, but we also loose people because of the summer months

          3. Organize as many people as possible to go out with beers after the board meeting

          4. At meeting - Talk about what positions are available –

          5. Everyone in agreement that we should do this.

          6. Jared – this is a way for us to recruit people to become board meetings

          7. People might enjoy learning more about how YPT operates

        5. Idea #2: This is the 5 year anniversary of YPT Boston – We could celebrate an anniversary event. We put together some info-graphics on what we have done over the past 5-years

          1. Make this a marquee event

          2. Have a short program –

            1. Maybe involve past board members

          3. How do people want to celebrate? Talk more about this at next board meeting

      1. Jeff Speak Distinguished Speaker

        1. MIT agreed to co-sponsor and provide the room

        2. Who should we provide free memberships too?

          1. In the past we have provided free tickets to our members, but not to non-members

          2. In this case – MIT was asking for all of their students to get in free. A requirement for them to give us the money/room is that their students get in free

          3. To verify a person is an MIT student we can check their student ID

          4. MIT may require us to select from a small list of caterers – which could be more money

          5. When there is a free event for MIT students, students may be less likely to RSVP and rather just show up at the event. This makes it difficult to plan the event, and could lead it to being a more expensive event to put on (more heads means more money). There is some inherent uncertainty with how many students will sign up in advance.

            1. We need to ask MIT if we can cap registration (based on room limits) so we can plan on a fixed number

            2. We need to figure out a way that MIT Students can register on the system even if they are not members

              1. Best way to do this would be allow them to sign up as if they were members on the registration page (click the “I am a member” box” and then verify their school status at the event when they enter

          6. Is there a limit for how many people the MIT room will hold? David M. asked for a room that will fit 100 people

          7. David M. will call MIT Wednesday and ask them all these questions

        3. Jen has a room reserved at Mass DOT.

          1. She has not confirmed that the security fee of $200 can be waived but she is working on it and will let the board know ASAP.

          2. Even if we did do it at Mass DOT, MIT would require all MIT students to attend for free

          3. One argument for having it at Mass Dot – we’ll likely get a wider variety of registrants and we’ll reduce the likelihood of walkins. This will make planning for the event easier.

        4. How many People should we expect?

          1. We got 40 last year for the event. Davey was closer to 100

        5. Overall, board is inclined towards having it at MassDOT

          1. Capacity issue – we have to cut off registration at 100 people.

          2. The policy should be that you must register in advance

          3. If we can get the security fee waved, we should plan on having it as MassDOT

        6. Has anyone else communicated with any of the other co-sponsors?

          1. We should be accepting registrations for the event as soon as possible

          2. We need to confirm the location before we sent out the event invite

          3. We need to figure out how to handle the MIT registration.

          4. This will be a member only event. We need to figure out how to allow MIT students to register even if they are not members.

        7. Overall – we need to start looking into caterers

        8. Discussion about increasing the budget for the event. There might be the case where we bump up the budget for the event.

          1. Catering requirements could be more at MIT

          2. We can move some of the website money that we are no longer going to spend to this event

          3. Just keep this in mind in case we cannot wave the Mass DOT $200 fee

    1. Adjournment

    Next YPT-Boston Chapter Board Meeting:
    Action Items for April 2015 Meeting

    1. Eric

    1. Tegin

        1. Tegin and David M – work with YPT International to see if they want to give us $$ for the event

    1. Matt

        1. Send Annual Report mailing receipts to David B.

        2. Doug Most Lunch and Learn Thank you Note

        3. Zip Car Lunch and Learn Thank you Note

        4. Dropbox Organization – reorder files to better conform with a standard format in the Admin Section

    1. Dave B.

    1. Sam

        1. Use electronic sign in sheets for all future meetings

        2. Sam to reconcile Square cash payments and follow up with board at next board meeting

        3. Sam to figure out why there is a discrepancy between the number of friends and the email list

        4. Sam to send David B. a list of all the members with their company listed next to the names

        5. Sam to send David B excel registration spreadsheet

        6. Sam to send David and Natalie square instructions

        7. Sam and Natalie to work together to find a venue for Transportation Camp Happy Hour

    1. Mike

        1. Mike to follow up with PB, Cambridge Systematics and VHB about contributions

        2. Mike to give David YPT banners etc. for bowling event

    1. David M.

        1. David M. to send registrants reminder about the zip car lunch and learn

        2. David M. to follow up with MIT regarding the following:

          1. Verify how many people their room can hold

          2. Ask them about catering options if we use their room. What are the costs for their caterers?

        3. Tegin and David M – work with YPT International to see if they want to give us $$ for the event

        4. David M – Work with MAPC, Eric and Sarah K (potentially) to lock in space for South Station L&L

    1. Jenn

        1. Jen is going to find out if we can export registrant membership status so that we can have this on hand when we sign people in

        2. Jen to follow up with MassDOT to see if we can get the $200 fee waived. She will follow up with the board ASAP with an answer

        3. Jen - Once we have a location determined, we should advertise the event and begin accepting registrations ASAP

        4. Jen - Before registrations go live, we need to figure out how we let MIT students register without being members.

        5. Jen to send next event update, which will include Jeff Speck event and Transportation Camp update

          1. Before this goes out, we need to lock down locations for both events

        6. Website sub-committee to meet and report back to board on next steps at the next board meeting

        7. Jen is going to tweak the look of our event emails a bit to make important information stand out more

        8. Jen is to figure out best way to disseminate info about the best place to buy alcohol for bowling

    1. Jared

        1. Plan event where members attend board meeting and go out with board after for beers

        2. Plan 5 yr anniversary event

        3. Board Photos – Every board member needs to send a headshot to Jen for inclusion on the website

    1. Natalie

        1. Natalie to get supplies for bowling event

        2. Natalie to coordinate with David M regarding Legion L&L

        3. Sam and Natalie to work together to find a venue for Transportation Camp Happy Hour

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    Ypt boston Chapter Board Meeting

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