• Internet Safety Rules
  • The Internet is fun, exciting, full of information and education and ready for us to enjoy

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    Restrictions on E-mail

    Children are not given individual web-based e-mail addresses. In some instances children may have access to a group e-mail address to communicate with other children as part of a particular project. Messages sent and received in this way are supervised by the teacher.

    Internet Safety Rules

    Children are taught to be Internet Wise. Children are made aware of Internet Safety Rules and are encouraged to discuss how to cope if they come across inappropriate material.

    Points for Teachers to Consider
    Internet use should be planned, task orientated and educational within a regulated and managed environment

    • Supervision is the key strategy. Children should have a teacher or classroom assistant present when using the Internet. Computers should be positioned so that it is possible for adults to see materials on screen.

    • Children should know why they are using the Internet. Aimless surfing should never be allowed. Teach children to use the Internet in response to a need. E.g. to answer a question which has arisen from work in class.

    • Search engines require careful use and planning/supervision. Children can be bombarded with information and yet fail to find the material they need. Teachers should select the search engine and topic and discuss sensible search words which have been tried out beforehand.

    • Children do not need thousands of website addresses. A small appropriate choice is much more effective. Favorites is a useful way to present this choice. Sites should always be previewed and revisited to be checked out. Consider off-line viewing

    • Individual e-mail addresses are not considered suitable for children. Class or project e-mail addresses could be used. All incoming and outgoing mail will be checked.

    • Discuss with pupils the rules for responsible Internet use. It is not enough to protect children from materials, we must teach them to become Internet Wise. Children need to learn to recognise and avoid the risks. Children need to know what to do if they come across inappropriate material or if they are approached by a stranger.

    • Be informed – read e.g. - NGfL Superhighway Safety. http://safety.ngfl.gov.uk

    • Discuss Internet Safety with colleagues and as a staff.

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    The Internet is fun, exciting, full of information and education and ready for us to enjoy

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