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    Spreading Viruses
    5. Viruses spread because people distribute __infected________files through CD’s, emails and downloads from the ___Internet_______________.
    6. Viruses have the ability to ___lurk__________ in a computer for ___days_________ or months, quietly ______replicating_____________ themselves.
    7. Not knowing you have a virus makes it ___easier______ to ____spread__ the virus.
    8. How viruses spread:

    The How

    Brief Description

    1. Email Attachments

    May be carried in attachments to email messages

    2.Rogue Websites

    A virus may be lurking on untrustworthy websites. Just clicking on them may infect your computer.

    3. Networks

    Your computer may be infected through a network which spreads from another computer connected to that same network.

    Keeping the networks anti-virus software updated can help the situation.

    4. Infected boot disks

    A virus can be spread if an infected disk is in your hard drive and you attempt to restart. Always know the origin of any media you use with your computer system.

    5.Phishing Schemes

    Schemes to get your personal information from you through email messages pretending to be legitimate sites. When you visit these sites, spyware, adware and viruses are automatically installed on your computer.

    6. Infected Software

    Freeware of shareware may infect your computer system. One download from trusted sites.

    7. Hackers

    The best way to protect yourself is to have a firewall and up to date antivirus software installed at all time.

    8. Instant Messaging

    Target for hackers--see it as an easy way to get people to click on links. Only chat with people you know and don’t follow links you don’t recognize.

    9. Fake Antivirus Software

    Only download antivirus programs from trusted sites or from websites that you know are complete legit.

    10. Mobile Devices

    When plugging in peripheral devices into our computer be sure that your antivirus software is up to date to resolve any virus that may be installed when you plug in your device for the first time.

    11. Friends and Relatives

    Viruses may come from family and friends email attachments or using social media sites. If you get an attachment with an .exe or .dll extension. DO NOT open it.

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    Communication Networks and the Internet Digital L

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