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    Computer Technology

    Communication Networks and the Internet Digital Literacy

    Unit 6 Grade Sheet

    Viruses & Destructive Programs

    (S3 Obj 1)





    Unit 6— Study Guide & Assignment


    Unit 6 -- Extra Credit Wordle.net Activity

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    Unit 6—Bingo Review




    Test Review Games:

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    Technology Operations and Concepts

    Unit 6 Examview Test:

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    Unit 6 Terminology Study Guide & Assignment

    Computer Tech

    S3 Obj 1

    1. What is a virus?

    A Virus is a computer program written to alter the way a computer operates without the permission or knowledge of the user.

    2. Viruses can either be considered a __nuisance__ or ___destructive.__________
    3. A virus can:

    a) Corrupt files______________________________________________

    b) Destroy data______________________________________________

    c) Display irritating messages____________________________________________

    e) Corrupt computer systems ______________________________________________

    4. Virus Classifications

    Virus Types/Classification


    1. Trojan Horse

    Has the appearance of having a useful and desired function. Secretly the program preforms undesired functions. Does not replicate itself.


    A program that makes copies of itself through disk to disk or through email.

    3. Bootsector Virus

    Attaches itself to the first part of the hard disk that is read by the computer during the boot up process.

    4. Macro Virus

    Uses another application’s macro programming language to distribute themselves. The infect documents such as MS Word, Excel, etc.

    5. Memory Resident Viruses

    Viruses that reside in a computers RAM. They stay in memory after its initiating program closes.

    6. Rootkit Virus

    An undetectable virus which attempts to allow someone to gain control of a computer system. Disguised as operating system files.

    7.Polymorphic Viruses

    Copies itself by creating multiple files of itself. It changes its signature making it had for antivirus software to detect.

    8. Logic Bombs/Time Bombs

    Programmed to initiate at a specific date or when a specific event occurs.

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    Communication Networks and the Internet Digital L

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