• Law Department Intranet
  • E-Forms
  • Bar Admission Affidavit
  • Law Department Identification Cards
  • Career Counseling
  • Conference Room Requests
  • Personal Expense Reimbursement
  • Citrix
  • Computer ID Password/Copier Printer Problems
  • Word/Outlook/Excel/PowerPoint Training/ LawManager Training
  • Bar Registration Renewal Reimbursement
  • Free Checking/Pay Statement Information/IRA Savings Bonds
  • Transit Benefit/Direct Deposit
  • Diversity Committee
  • Law Department Intranet

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    Law Department Intranet:   The Law Department ("LD") intranet can be launched by clicking the blue Explorer “e” on your computer. It provides lots of information about practicing at the LD and useful links.
    Orientation Web Page:   The link to the Entry Class website (with the Face book, forms, etc.) is: http://www.nyc.gov/html/law/html/entry/home.shtml. The link to the Lateral orientation web page is http://www.nyc.gov/html/law/html/laterals/home.shtml.
    Office Manual:  The Office Manual contains information regarding office policies, benefits and conditions affecting your employment. Employees are responsible for reviewing and complying with the Office Manual. It can be found on the LD intranet.
    E-Forms:  Many administrative requests can be made using the link to e-forms found on the LD intranet.
    Law Department Directories:  Telephone and photograph directories can be found on the LD intranet page.

    Bar Admission Affidavit:  Your Division’s Personnel Rep. (usually the person who processed you)

    Bar Admission Expediting Letters:  Blanca Ponce  (212) 356-2202

    Business Cards:  Your Division Office Manager

    Facilities Problems (lights, voicemail passwords, office keys or telephones):  E-Forms

    Law Department Identification Cards:  Your Personnel Representative

    OCA Secure Pass: Photograph & Application:  Jamel Browne  (212) 356-1090

    Letter of Good Standing for OCA Secure Pass:  Simone Hobbs (212) 356-1010

    Career Counseling:  Stuart Smith  (212) 356-4070

    Professional Development:  June Witterschein  (212) 356-4080 (see LD intranet)

    Conference Room Requests:  LD intranet under “Useful Links”

    Conflicts of Interest/Pro Bono/Volunteer Questions:  Andrea Berger  (212) 356-4027; www.nyc.gov/html/conflicts

    EEO Inquiries: Muriel Goode-Trufant  (212) 356-3500 or, for issues related to the Special Fed. Division, Louise Lippin (212) 356-2178

    Reasonable Accommodation Requests:  Sosimo Fabian (212) 356-3195

    Employment Verification Letter:  Dawn Besthoff  (212) 356-0888

    Professional Ethics Questions:  Your supervisor

    One Facility Visitor Admission (100 Church Street only):  LD intranet under “Useful Links”

    Paychecks:  (1)  Your Division Timekeeper  then  (2)  Francine Mizelle  (212) 356-1040

    Personal Expense Reimbursement:  Cashier’s Office: Cassandra Dodson  (212) 356-1060

    Photographer Requests:  Jamel Browne  (212) 356-1091 or http://lawmtiisv1/intranet/photographer.aspx

    Time-Keeping Rules:  (1) Office Manual or City Time FAQ’s found on the LD intranet page (2)  Your Division Timekeeper  then  (3)  Jennifer Downer-Duprey  (212) 356-1030

    Citrix:  Obtain written authorization from your supervisor or Division Chief, then notify the Helpdesk

    Accessing e-mail from home without using Citrix: https://csmail.nyc.gov/owa. (User Name = NYCLAW\[your user id])

    City Time (timesheets):  Helpdesk  (212) 356-2222  (see LD intranet to log on and for on-line training)

    Computer ID & Password/Copier & Printer Problems:  Helpdesk  (212) 356-2222  

    Hand and Finger Scans:  100 Church St.:  Your Personnel Rep or Simone Hobbs  (212) 356-1010. Borough offices:  your Borough Chief.

    LEXIS Training/Cards:  Library Reference Desk  (212) 356-2001

    FileSite Training:  Helpdesk  (212) 356-2222  or Ari Ciner (212) 356-3552

    Word/Outlook/Excel/PowerPoint Training/ LawManager Training:  Ari Ciner  (212) 356-3552 (see LD intranet)

    Bar Registration Renewal Reimbursement:  See the "Office Services" page of the Office Manual; for more information call Francine Mizelle  (212) 356-1040

    Deferred Compensation/Employee Assistance Program/Flex Spending Programs:  www.nyc.gov/olr

    Employee Self-Service: See LD intranet under “Useful Links”

    Free Checking/Pay Statement Information/IRA & Savings Bonds:  www.nyc.gov/html/opa

    Health Insurance/Management Benefits Fund:  NYCAPS  (212) 487-0500/www.nyc.gov/olr

    City Share (NYC Employee Portal): Discounts on Broadway shows, gym membership and computers, etc. See LD intranet under “General Reference”

    Pension:  www.nycers.org

    Transit Benefit/Direct Deposit:  www.nyc.gov/html/opa (forms can be found on-line or at Payroll on the fifth floor)

    Car Service Policy: See Office Services section in the Office Manual under Travel Services.

    Diversity Committee:  Michael Pastor, Chair  (212) 356-0838

    LGBT Group:  Jane Andersen (212) 356-2475

    Women’s Committee:  Terri Sasanow, Chair  (212) 356-2616 (through 9/30/13); Toni Gantz (212) 356-2490 (from 10/1/13)

    Attorney Quality of Life: Hilary Meltzer, Chair (212) 356-2072

    ­Community Service Joint Sub-Committee: Haley Stein, Chair (212) 356-2320

    Technology Advisory Committee: Scott Shorr, Chair (212) 356-0852

    Law Department Sports Director: Andrew Myerberg (212) 356-3523

    Download 48,5 Kb.

    Download 48,5 Kb.