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  • Text Structure Worksheet 11 Directions

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    Text Structure Worksheet 11
    Directions: read each of the following passages and complete the following steps on a separate of paper.

    1. Write the main idea

    2. Write how the text is mainly organized

    3. Put key information from the text into the appropriate graphic organizer.



    Cause and Effect

    Problem and Solution

    Compare and Contrast



    1. Not all bugs slither and crawl. A bug can also be an error in a computer program. When a computer tries to read a program with a bug in it, the bug will affect the computer in one of two ways: the computer may process the error and continue running the program. In this case the bug only has a small effect on the computer; however, if the computer cannot process the error, then the bug will cause the computer to freeze and crash. This will require the user to restart the program or the computer. Bugs are pesky to computer programmers and users.

    2. Computers are very complex machines, but everything that they do can be put into two basic categories: inputting and outputting. Inputting is when the computer accepts information entered by the user. Outputting is when the computer returns information to the user. When you press a key on your keyboard, you input information. When the letter that you pressed appears on your monitor, your computer is outputting. Both inputting and outputting require the computer to process information, but input is controlled by the user and output is controlled by the computer. Without inputting and outputting, there would be no computing.

    3. Have you ever received an email from a strange address with nothing but a mysterious link in the body? Don’t click that link! It may be a drive-by download attack, a common way of infecting computers. These attacks may start as link in an email or Facebook inbox. If you click the link, your computer browser will connect to a website created to attack computers. Once you have connected with the attack site, it will begin scanning your computer for weaknesses. If it finds a weakness, your computer will begin downloading a harmful file. You will not know that you are downloading this file. It will happen without your knowledge or permission. After the download is complete, the file will run and the attacker will have control of your computer. As you continue browsing the internet, you may not even realize that you have been victimized. The drive-by download attack is one of the most common threats to computer users today.

    4. Computer viruses are scary. If an attacker gets control of your computer, they can snoop through your files, steal your sensitive information, and even use your computer’s webcam and microphone to spy on you. But just because there are scary things on the Internet, doesn’t mean that we should stay off of the Internet. Instead, practice safe habits such as installing virus protection. Virus protection will not protect you against all attacks, but it may stop the most common ones. It also helps to keep your software up to date. Software updates close security holes. By installing updates from software providers, you will have a stronger system. Perhaps the most important thing that you can do is to be smart about how you browse. Don’t click on suspicious links and don’t open attached files unless you are expecting them. The Internet can be a dangerous place, but you’ll be safer if you take a few precautions. Happy browsing!

    5. Viruses can mess up computers and make them run slowly. If you’ve ever gotten a virus on your computer, you may have wondered why someone would go through all of that trouble just to ruin your computer. There are two reasons why people spread viruses: money and power. If someone infects your computer with a virus, they can make money by stealing your sensitive information and selling it to identity thieves. Or, they can gain power by using your computer to attack other computers and websites to take them offline. Your computer makes an attractive target to cybercriminals because they can use it to gain money and power.

    6. I've noticed that a lot of people are confused about mobile data and Wifi. Some people think that they’re the same thing. Sure, both mobile data and Wifi allow you to connect to the internet, but there are some important differences between them. Mobile data is provided by the mobile phone company while Wifi is comes through cable or phone lines. Mobile data gives you internet access anywhere that your phone can get a signal, but you can only get Wifi access when you are near a router. Wifi is usually faster than mobile data too, but perhaps the most important difference is the amount that you can use. Customers are usually given an nearly unlimited amount of Wifi data, like an all-you-can-eat buffet. On the other hand, mobile data is often sold in limited portions, like an expensive restaurant. It is important to know which you are using so that you aren’t charged hefty fees for going over your mobile data plan limits.
    7. Looking around our society nowadays, it's hard to imagine a time when we weren't surrounded by computers, but it really wasn't that long ago. In 1977 a mere 48 thousand personal computers were sold. Fast forward to 2001 and over 125 million were sold. By 2002 over one billion personal computers had been sold worldwide. The first one billion computers took 25 years to sell. Five years later in 2007, another one billion computers had been sold. The second billion sold happened five times faster than the first! In 2011, global computer sales topped 355 million. This data shows us that computer usage is only accelerating. If you think that you are surrounded by computers now, just wait a few years. You haven't seen anything yet.
    8. Buying a computer can be a frightening and overwhelming task, but don't let that prevent you from getting the right one. The first thing that you have to do is figure out which one you want. Start by researching on the internet: read reviews and compare features. Decide what's important to you and how much you are willing to pay. Once you have found the right computer, it is time to compare prices. Search by the model number of the computer. Check prices from at least three websites before you make your purchase, and don't forget to factor in the cost of shipping and handling. Also Google the name of the website on which you are planning to buy the computer and read reviews to make sure that they are reputable before placing your order. If it looks good, enter your information, await your shipment, and enjoy your new computer!
    9. More and more people these days are buying tablets instead of personal computers. Each has advantages over the other. If you have to write a paper, build a website, or do a lot of computer work, you will probably want to use a personal computer since it will have a full size keyboard. Tablets also have keyboards, but they are not as comfortable to use for long periods of time since they are smaller. If you are just doing some casual internet browsing, social networking, or messaging, you may just want to use a tablet. Tablets are smaller and more portable than personal computers. That means that you can use your tablet while you are lying on the couch, on vacation, or in a car. Personal computers need to be plugged in to work while tablets have batteries that allow them to run for a long time without connecting to an outlet. There is a right time to use each of these devices. I want both.

    10. Working on a computer may be easier and safer than working in a mine, but it doesn’t come without risks. Using a computer for a long time can lead to poor eyesight, muscle loosening, back pain, and injuries to the hands and wrists. If you find yourself working or playing on a computer quite regularly, take a few steps to prevent these problems and you’ll thank yourself later. When you are computing for a long time, take frequent breaks. Get up and walk around every once and while. Exercise a little bit. Take your eyes off of the computer screen. Stretch your hands and wrists. Straighten your back. It can be hard to pull yourself away from your computer once you get into a zone, but your body will thank you later if you do. Make your health a priority and don’t worry so much about what’s happening on that little screen.
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    Text Structure Worksheet 11 Directions

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