• Website
  • ACADEMIC PROJECTS Developed a scalable, GPS-based, peer-peer
  • Slab Memory Allocator
  • Image Processing
  • EXPERIENCE Software Engineer-Summer Intern, Medtronic Inc
  • Academic Advisor Tutor
  • HONORS/AWARDS Awarded JRD TATA Scholarship for graduate studies
  • Brijesh m. Shetty

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    Phone: 443 - 454 - 2498

    Email: brijesh@jhu.edu

    Address: 3501, St. Paul Street, Apt # 519, Baltimore, MD–21218

    Website: www.cs.jhu.edu/~brij


    Master of Science in Computer Science, GPA: 3.84 Aug. 04 to Dec. 05

    Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

    Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology July 00 to June 04

    Mumbai University, Mumbai, India


    Languages : C, C++, Java, Pascal, SQL, ASP, MATLAB, OCaml

    Operating Systems : Windows, UNIX (Linux/Solaris)

    Databases : Oracle, MySQL, MS Access

    Software Paradigms : OOAD, Agile

    Web Technologies : HTML, XML, DHTML, Javascript, CSS

    Embedded Systems : NesC, TinyOS

    • Developed a scalable, GPS-based, peer-peer application facilitating users to request shuttle service over the wave relay networking test-bed. Implemented with user friendly GUI and deployed successfully on Hopkins on-campus shuttles

    • Designed & implemented in C, an efficient software router routing real traffic using Open Shortest Path First protocol on top of Virtual Network System. Employed Dijkstra’s algorithm to update routing tables dynamically

    • Engineered a Grid of 50 nodes that enabled CPU cycle-stealing from underutilized nodes. Developed in Java. Design of Resource communication based on the Condor Architecture

    • Developed a Slab Memory Allocator to facilitate Object Caching. Implementation of “The Object-Caching Kernel Memory Allocator” by Jeff Bonwick. Incorporated Dynamic Hashing for efficient mapping

    • Implemented Transactional Block store using WAFL(Write Anywhere FileLayout) design

    • Designed & Implemented an Instant Messaging application with multicast capabilities

    • Implemented an Image Processing application with advanced features including feature based metamorphosis using Beier Neely morphing

    • Developed & maintained web application with backend database to facilitate authenticated access and updating of Students’ academic records online


    Software Engineer-Summer Intern, Medtronic Inc, Pacemaker project group, Minneapolis, MN June 05 to Aug. 05

    • Collaborated with research groups to compile requirements for pacemaker education project

    • Designed and developed the website, www.pacemakerproject.com for promoting pacemaker project

    • Played a key role in planning the launch of Heart Rhythm Lab unit and marketing it

    Course Assistant for “Automata and Computation Theory”, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Aug 04 to Dec. 04

    Academic Advisor & Tutor, Office of Academic Advising, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Aug. 04 to present

    • Tutored for Math and Computer Science courses like calculus, intermediate programming

    • Advised students on time management, test anxiety, study & note-taking skills to improve their academic performance


    • Algorithms

    • Advanced wireless networks

    • Network security

    • Cryptography

    • Operating Systems

    • Object Oriented Software Engineering

    • Internet Protocols


    • Awarded JRD TATA Scholarship for graduate studies for outstanding academic achievement June 2004

    • Awarded Silver Medal in National Talent Search Examination, India June 2003


    • Quarter Finalist at University level Chess tournament, Mumbai University Dec. 2003

    • Finalist in IEEE Technical Paper Presentation, Mumbai Section on Genetic Algorithm Jan. 2003

    • Semi Finalist in Inter College Robotics Contest, Mumbai University Dec. 2002

    Download 81.68 Kb.

    Download 81.68 Kb.