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  • Check that your web server is collecting statistics

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    LAB: Collecting, Massaging and Reading your Web Server Statistics – TEC 236

    Check that your web server is collecting statistics

    Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrator Tools > Internet Information Manager
    Expand to see your Default Web Site

    Right Click your Default Web Site > Properties > Web Site Tab

    Check Enable Logging

    Choose the W3C Extended Log File Format

    Click the Properties Tab

    Click the Extended Properties Tab and Check all boxes

    Apply > OK

    Right Click on the Default Web Server and Stop and Start the Server

    MarketWave Hit List Application

    What It Does:

    Hit List creates reports from your IIS log files that show you the activity on your web site. Hit List has 16 built-in reports that run the gamut from simple analysis to detailed path analysis, advertising analysis, cookie analysis and more. Reports can be generated as HTML documents, Microsoft Word documents, and plain ASCII documents. Hit List can also send completed reports via email.
    Download the Program, MarketWave Hit List from:

    Click hl30s.exe to install the program

    Installation Questions

    This machine appears to be running a web server would you like Hit

    List to use the logs from this web server?

    In addition to being a desktop application…..etc.

    Would you like to install Hit List as a service as well as an application?

    Many people like running reports that automatically exclude hits from anyone….etc. Would you like Hit List to do this for you?


    Next Screen

    Please enter the web server name below

    Leave Blank
    Next Screen

    Auto-detect file type
    Run the Program after install is finished

    Start > Programs > Marketwave > Hit List standard v3


    Double Click the Complete Analysis report and review

    Create a New Report

    Would you like to base the new report on an existing report?


    Name your Report: tec236

    Click the Format Tab

    Click the Apply format from another report

    Choose Complete Analysis

    Click the Outline tab

    Add the following sections (should already have a tec236 section) form the Tool Box (drag and drop)


    Visit Detail

    Daily Detail

    Weekly Detail

    Add a Misc Section – In the Tool Box Click the New Button > Check Section > Name it Misc.

    Under the tec236 section

    From the Text choices, add

    (Text) Report Date Range

    (Text) Description – click on Properties and for the Display As enter:

    TEC 236 Report

    (Text) Definition Requests

    (Text) Definition Visitors

    (Text) Defination Visits

    Under the Summary Section add:

    (Table) Total Number of Requests

    (Table) Total Number of Visitors

    (Table) Total Number of Visits

    (Graph) Request by Day

    (Combined) Most Common HTTP Responses

    Under the Visits section add:

    (Table) Average Hourly Visits

    (Graph) Average Visits Per Hour

    (Table) Number of Single Page Visits

    (Table) Most Common Visitors (IP)
    Under the Daily section add:

    (Table) Average Daily Request

    (Graph) Average Requests Per Day

    (Table) Average Daily Visits

    (Graph) Number of Visitors by Day
    Under the Weekly section add:

    (Table) Average Weekly Visits

    (Graph) Total Number of visitors Per Week

    (Table) Average Requests and Visits by Day of Week

    (Graph) Total Number of Visitors Per Day of the Week
    Under the Misc. section add:

    Try adding different items and test

    Test the Report
    Katalog: tec236 -> notes-terms -> 4-24-06

    Download 32.5 Kb.

    Download 32.5 Kb.

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    Check that your web server is collecting statistics

    Download 32.5 Kb.