• EXPERIENCE Digital Marketing Consultant 2010 - 2019
  • Focus Camera (2017-2019) Online Marketing Manager
  • Oh! Nuts (2016) Director of SEO/SEM for OhNuts.com
  • CA Marketing (2015) Director of SEO/SEM for SkyMall.com RitzCamera.com
  • Tiger Supplies (2014-2015)
  • Rushking Promotions (2012-2013)
  • Madison Commercial Real Estate Services (2010-Present)
  • Certifications
  • Introduction

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    Avner Zaks (732) 551- 1329 zaksa222@hotmail.com


    I am a self-motivated, results-driven, Google AdWords & Analytics certified professional with an aptitude for technology.  My ten years’ in online marketing have focused on SEO/SEM, internet marketing, and e-commerce.  I am seeking a rewarding career where I can apply my technical skills to contribute to the company's operation.


    Superb at analyzing data to achieve maximum ROI. Expert at using Google Analytics to optimize campaigns and to understand what is driving conversions. Ability to reduce unnecessary spending by reviewing daily the search terms report and adding negative keywords. Resourceful problem solver with a strong drive for continuous self-improvement. Expert at optimizing mobile centric campaigns and exceeding ROAS goals. Reliable and able to meet deadlines and reach set goals. Exceptional written and oral communication skills.


    Digital Marketing Consultant 2010 - 2019

    As a freelance Internet Marketing Consultant, I implemented and managed a broad and diverse group of AdWords marketing campaigns. For each campaign, I developed landing pages to increase ROI. They were continually optimized by using conversion data and Google Analytics. While I have implemented, managed, and optimized all types of paid search campaigns, my specific expertise is in Google Shopping. I have developed customized bidding strategies based on analyzing product feeds with tens of thousands of products, and have seen success in dramatically increasing revenue and products sold, while simultaneously improving ROI. I have a strong record of increasing core metrics such as sales, subscriptions, acquisitions, conversions, and click through rates, all driving a higher ROI for my clients. I then work closely with my client to create marketing strategies that deliver a high ROI. I provide customized internet marketing strategy plans, Search Engine Optimization/SEO management, SEM Management/Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC), Content Writing & Management, and E-commerce, E-mail Marketing, reporting and marketing metric analysis.  It gives them a better understanding of competitive intelligence.

    Focus Camera (2017-2019)

    Online Marketing Manager

    • Grew Transactions by 50% year over year.

    • Developed mobile Google Shopping campaigns and strategies.

    • Lowered cost per conversion by 40%.

    • Increased average conversion value 100%.

    • Initiated and managed Facebook, Bing & Google campaigns.

    • Designed ranking algorithm so that better perfoming products should display better in navigation and search.

    • Implemented Algolia search engine and raised the overall conversion rate.

    Oh! Nuts (2016)

    Director of SEO/SEM for OhNuts.com

    • Grew Transactions by over 60% year over year.

    • Lowered cost per click by 40%.

    • Reduced the cost per transaction by 30%.

    • Initiated and managed Facebook, Amazon, Bing & Google campaigns.

    • Analyzed years of sales data in Excel and labeled all products to identify which products to focus on. Developed a system to identify seasonal patterns in all product lines.

    • Increased the number of unique products sold through Google Shopping over 30%.

    C&A Marketing (2015)

    Director of SEO/SEM for SkyMall.com RitzCamera.com

    • Managed in house PPC teams and also outside marketing vendors.

    • Developed reports using Google Analytics with customized data added, and used the reports to optimize paid search campaigns.

    • Directly responsible for a 250% increase in PPC revenue year over year.

    Tiger Supplies (2014-2015)

    • Managed AdWords campaigns with a yearly budget of over 700K.

    • Managed text, display, product feeds, remarketing for Google and Bing campaigns.

    • Designed and implemented Google And Bing product feeds campaigns.

    • Directly responsible for a 50% increase in revenue year over year.

    • Increased ROI by over 100% by optimizing old campaigns and creating new ones.

    • Segregated all ad spend into specific groups and created a report to track ad spend per group down to the daily level.

    Rushking Promotions (2012-2013)

             Managed and developed eighty AdWords campaigns with over 25,000 keywords.

             Successfully optimized existing and new campaigns resulting in 50% increase in web orders.

             Lowered historical bounce rate by 50%.

             Increased ROI by over 200%

             Created a keyword template for future campaigns.

    Madison Commercial Real Estate Services (2010-Present)

             Created and implemented Google AdWords campaigns for four division websites.

             Created advanced keyword models based on search term queries.

           Managed campaign based relationships..


    Google AdWords & Analytics Certified Professional 2010

    Microsoft Bing Certified Professional


    BMG College Bachelor’s Degree

    Skills & Proficiencies

    Google AdWords, SEO/SEM, Internet Marketing Management, HTML, MS Word, MS Excel 

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