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  • Make it bite-sized—your content, that is

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    Make it bite-sized—your content, that is.

    People read differently on a computer screen than on paper.

    Use short paragraphs separated by double spaces.

    Use graphics, but don’t get carried away.

    Overall, go for clear and clean as opposed to complex and murky.

    Web design is usually a compromise

    Interactive and dynamic versus user friendly and accessible

    Comprehensive versus easy to navigate

    Search engine optimization

    First understand Search engines

    Two types: spiders and directories

    Both to some degree utilize Metatags AND Content

    Of the two, content is actually more important.


    The “invisible” code for spiders

    Almost everything is fair game

    But no repeats in the metatag

    It’s okay to repeat in content…in fact, that’s good!

    Usability/alternate tags

    This is good for accessibility and some spiders/search engineers use this as a grading factor.
    So, How do you get to the “top” of the search engine? You can’t.

    Why? Consider: How many companies in the United States provide packaging services? How many have Web sites? How many have bigger budgets than you?

    Yahoo is now charging $300 for the honor.

    But, by combining all of these factors AND re-doing the effort every 6-12 months, you can achieve relatively high positions.

    Search engine submission:

    Free listings/search submission services are okay, but the best results generally come from the painstaking effort of submitting your site by hand. Target the top ones: Google, Yahoo, the “Open Directory,” Excite, etc.

    Content: Who, what when where why

    Download 40.5 Kb.
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    Download 40.5 Kb.

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    Make it bite-sized—your content, that is

    Download 40.5 Kb.