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    Envelopment attack

    This type of attack consists of two major stages:

    1. Focus on a specific market (the same way as in indirect attack).

    2. Identification of additional segments and development of suitable offer to “envelope” the entire market.

    Bypass attack

    The core meaning of the bypass attack is the expansion of the areas of interest to the unrelated segments of the market. Thought it is deceiving the competitor, it may also cause a negative effect of being spread and dispersing the main focus from any single area.

    Guerrilla attack

    This strategy involves small, and, on the first glance, chaotic attacks with the aim to lead the opposing manager into making a strategic mistake. For example, selective price cuts, promotional bursts, supply interference, etc. Mainly, it is used for a small company, competing against a large corporation.

    Having those principles in head, it is possible to form them into an actionable plan (Paley, 2007 pp. 41-42):

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