• System Requirements for Vijeo Designer
  • Installing the ActiveX Control
  • To install the Web Gate ActiveX control
  • Manually Install the Client File
  • After setup and you still can’t connect.
  • Common errors
  • System Requirements to Check

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    Vijeo Designer Web Gate Setup Guide

    System Requirements to Check:

    1. Web Gate only supports Internet Explorer version 6 and later 32Bit versions only.

    2. Windows 7 requires you to disable Protected Mode in Internet Explorer security settings.

    System Requirements for Vijeo Designer

    The following table lists the system requirements for the Vijeo Designer Editor.


    Vijeo Designer Editor




    Pentium 4 - 2 GHz or faster recommended


    1 GB minimum, 2GB or more recommended

    Available Disk Space

    2 GB or more on hard disk

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2 or greater)

    Microsoft Windows Vista Business edition 32 bits (Service Pack 1 or greater)

    Microsoft Windows 7 64 Bits

    Web Browser

    Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 (Recommend version 7 or higher) 32 Bit version only.

    Web Gate Settings

    In the target properties, you can define the following Web Gate settings by expanding the Web Server property and then clicking the ellipsis button in the Web Gate property.

    When you enable Web Gate, the Data Sharing feature is automatically enabled on that target machine.



    Web Gate Enabled

    If selected, enables Web Gate for the target.

    Initial Panel ID

    Defines the panel that displays when the browser on the remote PC first connects to Web Gate.

    Inactivity Time-Out (min)


    Specifies the time period that a client connected to a target using Web Gate can be inactive. When the Web Gate client is inactive for the Inactivity Time-Out period, the client will be disconnected from the target. Enter a value from 1 to 1440 minutes.

    This property only displays when you expand the Web Gate property in the target properties.


    Defines the panels, actions, and popup windows to be accessed from the remote PC.

    Installing the ActiveX Control

    The Active X control is the mechanism used to allow the Magelis display to upload the Web Gate client file to your PC. Your Magelis must be equipped with a Compact Flash Card (CF) or have a USB stick installed to provide the client file to your PC. If the Magelis does not have a CF card or USB stick installed, you must install the Web Gate client file manually.

    The message you receive from the Magelis does not indicate if the client file is available from the Magelis and gives you no error if it fails to load the client file. The best course of action if you can not connect after trying to install the Active X control is to manually load the client file.

    To install the Web Gate ActiveX control:

    Connect to Web Gate.

    To connect a remote PC to a target:

    1. Start Runtime on the target machine.

    2. Start the browser on the remote PC.

    3. In the browser’s address bar, enter the IP address of the target machine.

    Example 1

    When Web Gate uses 80 (default) as its port number:

    Example 2

    When Web Gate uses a non-default port number (such as 800):

    1. Click Monitoring in the menu bar at the top of the Web Gate environment page.

    2. Click Install Web Gate Control in the submenu that appears to the left of the page.

    3. Follow the instructions that appear on the page to install the Web Gate ActiveX control.

    Manually Install the Client File

    Call Technical Support at 888 778-2733 option 1 then option 6 for a copy of the correct client file. Please have the version number of Vijeo Designer used to download the project to the Magelis you are trying to connect to.

    The client file is an executable file that will install the client in the correct location.

    After setup and you still can’t connect.

    Things to check

    1. In Internet Explorer Tools/Security/Protected mode must be disabled.

    2. Internet Explorer version 6 or higher

    3. You must be running the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer.

    When running the 64 bit version, Web Gate will prompt you to install the Active X component but not install it.

    1. Web Gate is not compatible with Kaspersky Internet Security software. Kaspersky must be disabled.

    The version of the Web Gate client file must match the version of Vijeo Designer that downloaded the project to the target display , exactly .
    Note: It is
    Refer to the Help menu in Vijeo Designer for the software version.

    Refer to C:\Users\login name\AppData\Roaming\Vijeo-Runtime\Versions (Win 7)
    Refer to C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Vijeo-Runtime (XP

    Common errors

    Problem: Web Gate crashes after it launches with or with out error.

    Posible solution is to clear the cache files.

    Vijeo Designer Webgate cache files are located under:

    C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Vijeo-Runtime (XP)

    C:\Users\login name\AppData\Roaming\Vijeo-Runtime\Versions (Win 7)
    By deleting the files under the Vijeo-Runtime folder, this will clear the Webgate error: "Application Has Halted. Cannot open the system configuration

    file. Is the -d option set correctly?" Please see below illustration.

    Problem: The Web Gate window loads with the Magelis screen graphics in place but no data is populated in the display.

    Solution: Port 6000 is blocked. The graphic data is sent via port 80 while the data uses port 6000.

    If going through a Router or Gateway make sure port 80 and port 6000 is open and forwarded all the way from your PC to the Magelis display.

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    Download 20.8 Kb.

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    System Requirements to Check

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