Diploma Thesis

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Diploma thesis supervisor: Ing. Jiří Richter
Date of diploma thesis assignment: 1/11/2012
Submission deadline for Diploma thesis and its entry in the IS MU is provided in the valid Academic Calendar.

Department Head Dean

In Brno on 1/11/2012

Name and Surname: Anastasia Stavinska

Title of the thesis: Analysis of the Internet marketing activities

Department: Corporate Economy

Thesis supervisor: Ing. Jiři Richter

Year of defense: 2013


This work aims to investigate a Primary objective is to analyze the Internet marketing strategies of international retailer companies and to investigate modern trends of Internet marketing. The thesis is split into theoretical and practical parts. This work starts with a theoretical one, by giving an introduction to the topic and briefly highlighting the modern concepts of marketing. The main theoretical part is about the website being a main tool of the online marketing promotion. For this, common literature and available internet sources were used. The practical part includes the assessment of the given sample of international retailor companies and an analysis of a given single website with following recommendation regarding its future marketing activity online, which is based on the findings of the theory.


Marketing, Internet, Online Marketing, Website Analysis

Download 354,56 Kb.
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Download 354,56 Kb.