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    6. News

    NOTE: if the intranet is not used to publish internal news at all, enter a score of ‘0’ against all heuristics.

    SCORING AT A GLANCE: 0 = extremely poor, not implemented • 1 = very poor • 2 = poor • 3 = good • 4 = very good • 5 = excellent, exceeds criteria



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    All organisational news is consolidated in one location

    All organisational news should be consolidated in a single news area. This increases the value and effectiveness of the intranet news channel, and ensures that users don’t have to visit many different areas of the site to find out key news items.

    0: Organisational news is spread out over different areas of the intranet, and there is no single location that contains all news items.

    5: Organisational news is presented in a single location.


    Old news articles are archived

    Staff should be provided with an easy mechanism to access old news articles. This is particularly important when the news is used to communicate policy or product changes (or other detailed information that may need to be referenced at a later date).

    0: Old new articles are simply removed from the site. There is no archive of old news articles.

    5: Old news articles are archived. Staff can browse articles by date or search for specific subject matters.


    News summaries contain appropriate information

    News summaries should contain the following:

    • Date the item was published

    • Descriptive title for the item

    • Brief summary of the item

    • Category the article fits into (such as sales, jobs, etc)

    0: News summaries do not contain appropriate information, or are inconsistent in the information that they provide.

    5: News summaries contain all the information indicated above. This is presented in a clear and consistent way that can be easily scanned.


    News items consistently link through to full articles

    News items should link through to full articles that explain the news story in full. This allows staff to find out more information, beyond that contained in the news item.

    0: News items do not consistently link through to full articles or further information.

    5: All news items link through to full articles, and this is presented in a clear and consistent way.


    Intranet news is published regularly

    Intranet news should be used as a key communication tool within the organisation. Larger organisations should publish news on a daily basis.

    0: The organisation does not use the intranet as a key channel for communicating news. Important information is broadcast through other channels and is not published on the intranet.

    5: The intranet is used as a key communication tool, and news is published regularly.


    News is relevant and useful

    The intranet news should provide information that is relevant, useful and interesting to the majority of staff. In particular, it should provide information that supports the daily activities of staff, beyond just communicating administrative changes or major corporate news.

    Intranet news should not just be a mechanism for senior management to communicate to staff.

    0: Intranet news only provides a very narrow range of items, typically relating to administrative or corporate changes, or messages from senior management. Intranet news items are not relevant to the daily activities of many staff.

    5: Intranet news is relevant and useful for the majority of staff. News items are published that are directly related to the daily activities of staff.


    News has a high profile on the intranet

    News should appear on the home page of the intranet and be easily available via the global navigation.

    0: News is buried on the intranet, and is not available directly from the home page of the intranet.

    5: News summaries are published on the intranet home page, and are prominently featured.


    Where used, external news feeds are seamlessly integrated with internal news

    Some intranets incorporate news drawn from external news ‘feeds’. Where this is done, this external news should be seamlessly integrated into the main intranet news section, and not published in a separate area.

    This ensures that users are provided with a single news source, regardless of whether the items are sourced internally or externally.

    (Note: if the external news feeds are not published on the intranet, enter a score of 0 to indicate that this heuristic is not relevant.)

    0: External news feeds are not integrated with the main news area, and are presented in a different location (or multiple locations). A different format, layout and structure is used for externally-sourced news.

    5: External news feeds are cleanly integrated into the main intranet news section, with the source of information clearly marked for users. News items have a consistent presentation and structure regardless of their source.



    News (percentage score)


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